Learn to Turn a Simple Piece of Glass into Masterpiece

Home decoration is an art; this is the best way to add value to your homes. To learn this art people join art and craft institutes and then explore their talent in this world. But no need to worry for those art lovers who want to learn the basic but do not find time to join any institution because you can get all the things under a single roof through internet.

Sometime, we throw out an old and dull looking picture frame and replace it with a new one for our lovely pictures. Usually we put that old frame into our stores or dustbin. Now pick out your old frames from the store and take out glass because you can better utilize it. Today I am going to share with you my idea how to turn simple piece of glass into eye-catching and attractive decoration piece.

The things you need are:

• A square piece of glass
• Wooden strips for boundaries
• Cellophane sheet of any color
• Artificial stem with leaves and flowers
• Glue

Take the glass frame and clean it with soft wet cloth then take the artificial stem with leaves and place it on the back side of the frame. Take cellophane sheet of any color (I used yellow), crunch and paste it with help of glue at the back of the glass frame; it will serve as the background of the frame. In the end, take wooden strips, apply glue on it and make boundaries of the frame. Let it dry completely and now it is ready to place at any corner of f your home.

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