How to make Flowers with White Flour

Home decoration is an art. We can make our home a beautiful place by decorating it with different home accessories. Flowers look beautiful in home. Natural and artificial both have its importance. Today I am going to share with you a very low budget idea that everyone can make it at home and enjoy its presence. I am going to make flower with house hold things. The things you need are:
• White flour
• Glue
• Salt
• Food color
• Copper wires
• Floral tape
Mix white flour, glue and salt well to make smooth dough. Leave it for an hour. Now add food color in this dough like red for roses and green color for leaves. Mix it properly. Make flowers with it by using your fingers and tools. Attach a copper wire in the base of a flower and cover it with floral tape to give a real stem. Now let it dry completely. Make a bunch of flowers and arrange them in a beautiful vase. You can also put stamens inside the flower to give real look. You can also use glitter on the petals to add more beauty in it.
You can also paste them on a plate or wooden piece and arrange them on a door or stand. You can also use them as a gift for your friend, Family or loved one. Use them inside the house and avoid them from water and moist season. They can crack with water and can’t sustain their color in moist. These flowers look very elegant in their home and make it modish and attractive.

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