Sunflowers are best for any kind of decoration as they look great both outdoors and indoors. Apart from using real sunflowers as decoration, silk sunflowers and sunflower designed decorative items are also used for interior decoration. Sunflower designed jar is among one of them.

Here are the step by step instructions on how to make decorative sunflower jar. You can use this lovely sunflower design painted on a jar as a sunny decoration for your kitchen. You can even use it as a candle by putting in a glass or clay pot candle holder to the mouth of the jar.

You will need:


1). Empty glass jar. Wash and dry it properly. Also, remove all labels.

2). White vinegar or rubbing alcohol.

3). Paper towel or soft cloth.

4). Sunflower pattern.


1). Liner, shader and scruffy brush

2). Acrylic matte spray

3). Old toothbrush

4). Stylus

5). Micron black craft pen

6). White craft glue

7). Piece of stripe of simple, ordinary material

Acrylic paint colors:

1). Yellow

2). White

3). Crocus Yellow

4). Autumn Brown

5). Antique Gold

6). Forest Green

7). Dark forest Green

8). Black

Step-by-step Instructions:

1). Paint the surface of the jar with 1 coat of white, and let it dry for 24 hours.

2). Paint the surface with second and third coat, letting at least 20 minutes dry time in between these two coats. Let the third coat to dry up for a couple of hours.

3). Trace the sunflower pattern onto the surface of the jar. Using Crocus Yellow color, paint all the petals. Outline the petals with Yellow and shade with Antique Gold.

4). Use Antique Gold to paint center of the flower. Apply Autumn Brown over the top of the Antique Gold using a scruffy brush. Using a Stylus, dot Dark Forest Green in the center of the sunflower.

5). Paint the stems using Forest Green color. Then, blend stems into the bottom of the design with the help of scruffy brush and Forest Green.

6). Using black Micron craft pen, draw lines around center of the sunflower.

7). Lightly thinned the toothbrush with a drop or two of water, and dip its bristle tips into black paint. Holding the toothbrush horizontally, drag your finger across the bristles so that the paint splatters spots. Using this method, splatter the entire surface of the jar with black paint. Now, wash the toothbrush and repeat all this with white paint. Allow it to dry.

8). Use white craft glue to dot all around the rim of the jar. Position stripe of the simple, ordinary material around the rim and tie in a knot or bow.

9). Following the directions on Acrylic matte spray can, spray completed jar with 2-3 coats of it.

Additional tip:

Placing a small glass votive holder or small clay pot in the mouth of the jar works great. You can place votive candle on holder to lighten up your space.

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