Some home decorators think of wall decorations as a huge dilemma, but it is quite easy to decorate your walls in a unique and stylish way. Following are a few quick and easy ideas to decorate your walls with style and on a budget.

  1. When decorating your walls, never sprinkle things around just to fill empty space. You can draw an imaginary rectangle on the main focal wall that you want to decorate. Now fill that rectangle with a grouping of related art. You can use items such as plates, portraits, clocks, or even rugs. This will give your room a stronger and more attractive look.
  2. Consider hanging larger scale items to make your room look bigger. Instead of spending too much money on a large painting, you can hang a rug or a pretty quilt.
  3. You can create a dramatic wall hanging by using a large piece of plywood, some paint, and one inspirational word in large letters, such as ‘Dream’, ‘Faith’, or ‘Believe’. After creating a word, sketch on it in blocks with pencil and fill in with paint.
  4. Consider painting a backdrop ‘frame’ to set off a special portrait or a wall collection. Ensure to make the frame at least 4 – 6 inches larger than the art. After taping off with painters tape, fill in with a darker version of your wall color. You can paint a simple border and backdrop in neutral colors.
  5. If you have a whole collection of various sized frames and pictures, you can paint them all the same color to tie them together. Use black to give an elegant touch to any style décor, where as use of white color is mostly found in a contemporary design.
  6. Using stencils to add detail and design to your walls is quite easy, relative fast, and inexpensive. Select a simple design to add detail to your painted ‘frames’ around your wall art groupings, or to wrap around windows and doors.
  7. Lastly, consider eccentric items to use as wall art, such as hang an old wooden box as a curio cabinet, and a weathered piece of driftwood over a door way. Attach simple wooden blocks to the wall as candle holders or display shelves. You can even hang your kids’ christening dress as a memory art. All you need is to use your imagination.

Wall decoration is not a daunting thing; using these easy ideas will surely help you in decorating your walls. Here are more ways to decorate your walls with pictures,







































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