Over the past few years, different types of ladies watches have become quite popular and in fashion. However, watches were not always so popular like other woman’s accessories such as jewelry. Before wearing watches and pendants for fashion in the wrists, women used to wear them around their necks. At that time, pocket watches and their accessories were popular.

However, with the rapid change in the lifestyle and fashion, women start wearing watches in their hands. A range of ladies watches can be classified into three categories. They are as follows:

1). Sports Watches:

Ladies’ sports watches are the best choice for active and energetic ladies. No matter how intense and extreme your activities are, these sports watches are designed to accommodate your lifestyle material. Whether you are fond of running, cliff diving,  Pilates or rock climbing, these watches are perfect for you as they are very high performance, tough, durable, and water proof.

Generally, these watches are made of the strongest materials such as rubber, titanium, leather, or steel, however they have a thinner and more elegant belt as compared to a man’s sport watch. Ladies’ sports watches often have useful features such as compass, thermometer, countdown timer, stopwatch, and even a flashlight.

2). Dress Watches:

Dress watches are the perfect example of elegance and are best for women on formal occasions. While selecting a dress watch, select the one that not only look attractive but also best complement with your outfit, skin color, and sense of style. A woman’s watch is thought to be a dress watch as long as it does not have rubber bands, Velcro, huge markings, or large-sized parts.

3). Jewelry Watches:

This category of ladies watches are more carefully crafted and put together and sometimes includes stones and precious gems as hub their features. These jewelry watches are made by matching the lucidity and color of the jewelry and watches, then setting them in the watch. Often, they are made from rare metals such as gold and silver.

When purchasing a watch, you need to make sure that you select the one that is comfortable and attractive. Also, consider collecting all three types of ladies watches. This will provide you with a lot more options to select from, depending on the situation and occasion.

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