Types of Decorative Bird Feathers

Basically, there are two kinds of feathers; real feathers and artificial feathers. Real feathers are collected after birds shed them, whereas artificial feathers manufactured to simulate the genuine item. Both these kinds of feathers are often used in jewelry, clothing, and home decorations.

Several different types of feathers are quite popular for decorative purposes. It is very important to take special care to protect real feathers.  One should handle them with great care, dusting them, and checking them for insect infestation on weekly basis.

Peacock Feathers:

The peacock feathers are one of the most popular decorative feathers that come from the colorful male of the peacock species. These feathers have large plumes, with their jewel hues of green, blue, and gold that feature an eye in the center. They are used for a number of purposes such as masks, jewelry, hat trim, crafts, and even on Christmas trees.

Often, peacock feathers are displayed by themselves in a large nice vase or with various branches or bamboo. Another use of peacock feathers is in large scale floral designs, with their tall plumes rising from the middle of a towering arrangement.

Pheasant Feathers:

The pheasant feathers come in a wide range of colors. They feature flashing bands of color across the breadth of thin plumes. The maximum length of these feathers can be up to two feet. Sometimes, pheasant feathers are used in topiaries, standing by themselves in a vase, or as enunciation in floral arrangements. In Chinese operatic productions, they also have been used as head-dresses.

Ostrich Feathers:

Another large and decorative feather comes from the ostrich. These feathers are about 10 inches long and are used in different types of decorations. They are fluffy and curving plumes that are very famous for appearing in Las Vegas productions. Back in history, pharaohs in ancient Egypt used ostrich feathers as fans, and Roman generals used them as headgear to show their ranks.

Nowadays, ostrich feathers are used in flower arrangements, bridal bouquets, and kids’ arts and crafts projects.

You can also use these decorative feathers on several of your special occasions in order to beautify your decorations and arrangements.

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