How to Recycle Light Bulbs with Style

It happens at times that you switch on the light and all of a sudden, the bulb is just burned out. Instead of throwing that bulb away, allow it “brighten” your space in an entirely new way. You can make it a perfect decorative item that will not only adorn your room but also it can be a good hobby.

Although light bulb recycling is becoming a popular hobby, however it is limited only by your own creativity. You just need to be creative and imaginative to turn your old, burned out bulb into an attractive decoration piece.

Here is the light bulb recycling project to give you an idea.

Faux Birdhouse Bulb:

Faux birdhouse bulb can be made by recycling a light bulb. For this, you will need:

1). Burned out light bulb
2). Acrylic paints in hunter green, white, dusty rose, and blueberry
3). Small sections of raffia
4). Emaciated pieces of grapevine
5). Flat primer spray paint for the base coat
6). Acrylic sealer spray
7). Florist’s wire


In order to make the birdhouse recycled bulb, draw the design on the bulb with the help of a pencil. Now use a primer spray on it as it will aid in better adhere of the craft paints. Allow the spray to dry, and paint on a design by using various acrylic colors. After that, spray on a sealer and add some “camouflage” to the metal part of the bulb. You’re done. You can use this bulb as an ornament in your room.

This is just an example of creating unique decorative items with an ordinary light bulb. The possibilities are almost endless with this project. You can paint it, decoupage it, sponge or texture it. You can even use them to create Christmas or Halloween decorations. It all depends on you and your sense of creativity.


It is not recommended to use a decorated light bulb in a light fixture as the paints available in the market often have high temperature. They should be avoided because using them in a light fixture can deform the decorative design. It may result in bubble formation or worst of all it could catch on fire. Therefore, use these painted light bulbs only as decoration pieces.

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