Different Techniques to Make Decorative Beaded Items

Beading Basics:

There are some basics of beaded items that should be kept in mind while making beaded items. They are discussed as under:

Knots, in making beaded items, are used to keep the beads safely put together to the finished item, key-ring, bracelet or necklace. Some of the most common knot types are pearl knot, overhand knot, half-hitch knots, and macramé square knot.

Albeit knots are quite useful, however, they do not give the nice look for the finished project. Therefore, bead tips are used in order to hide knots at the end of the item, key-ring, bracelet or necklace. These bead tips look like tiny baskets with hooked handles that work great to conceal the knots. However, for a multi-strand project, you can use cones at the end that work best for making the knots appear more professional.

When making a piece of items that features a clasp or toggle, it is important to master the art of crimping. Although this is one of the easiest beading techniques, however, you will need to ensure that you have a good pair of crimping pliers in your collection of beading tools.

Simple Beading Techniques:

There are different beading techniques that are used to make decorative beaded items. Some of them include:

Brick stitch:

This stitch is one of the most versatile beading techniques that can be used to make dangling items such as earrings and beaded fringe. This stitch is also used in making wall hangings, wallets, purses, key-chains, table mats, and various other decorative items.

Peyote stitch:

This stitch has a number of variations, which includes flat, even, odd-count, zipping up, and joining flat peyote. All of these peyote stitch variations are used to make different kinds of beaded decorative items.

Twill stitch:

Twill stitch is mostly used to make items such as chokers, belts, anklets, and bracelets. All you need is to be master of this stitch so that you can create almost any design you can imagine. This stitch can also be used to make beaded wall hangings or various other home décor projects.

Daisy chain:

The daisy chain is commonly used in order to create a row of beads that looks like a chain of flowers. To create a more elaborated effect, a larger bead is often used in the center of the stitch. This daisy chain is mostly used in making decorative items such as table mats and wall hangings.

Using these beading techniques, you can easily make beaded decorative items at your home to make your space attractive and beautiful.

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