Decorative Hair Pins Craft Ideas

Decorative hair pins are very popular among girls and women as they add detail, dazzle and a touch of their personality to their hairstyles. Although decorative hair pins are quite popular, they can also be very expensive. However, you can create your own decorative hair pins at home by using basic craft supplies.

Here are some decorative hair pins craft ideas to help you out.

Craft Gem Hair Pins:

Craft gem pin is one of the easiest decorative hair pin crafts that take very little time to make. You will need long bobby pins, colored craft gems, and a hot glue gun to make a set of craft gem pins. You can easily purchase colored craft gems from any craft store.

Firstly, you need to apply a small dot of hot glue to the back of a craft gem. Now stick it to the top of the rounded part of the bobby pin. Moreover, you can also consider adding craft gems across the entire top of the bobby pin.

Beaded Hair Pins:

These are also very simple to make and can be a fun craft for kids to try. You will need beads, tacky glue, and bobby pins to create beaded hair pins.

Firstly, you need to squeeze a small drop of tacky glue into the center of each bead. Now push the bead onto the top half of the bobby pin until it strikes the far ridge of the top of the pin. Keep on gluing and sliding beads onto the pin until all of the ridges are covered. Let the glue to dry before wearing.

Floral Hair Pins:

It is also quite easy decorative hair pin craft. You will need a small silk flower, scissors, a wide hair pin, and a hot glue gun to create a floral hair pin.

Take the silk flower and carefully cut the entire stem off it. Now apply a dab of hot glue to the flat base of the silk flower and stick it to the hair pin. In addition, you can also attach colored craft gems to the silk petals using a hot glue gun in order to add extra detail to the flower.

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