A few simple but interesting ideas of decorating your home using candles are as follows:

Create a spa:

Soaking in a hot tub of water helps in erasing the stress of the whole day. You can create your own simple, yet elegant spa looking bathroom by using following ideas:

1). Place a small, soy pillar candle on a candle plate that best harmonizes the color of the bathroom on your counter. Also, adding a single bud vase with a fresh cut flower will give you a fresh clean look.

2). If there is enough space on your bathtub, you can decorate the front ledges of your bathtub with tall and short pillar candle holders that have white pillar candles on them.

3). If you do not have enough space, you can place votive holders with votives or tea lights in them around your tub.


Bedrooms are a place for tranquil; therefore, adding candles can help in creating a more relaxing mood.

1). A pillar candle can be an ideal accent for your dresser.

2). You can place decorative candle holders on your nightstand away from your bed.

3). Lavender helps in relaxing therefore you can place a lavender scented soy candle in your votive holder.

4). Lighting a lavender scented soy candle 30 minutes before going to sleep will fill your bedroom with the lavender scent.

5). Ensure you extinguish the candle before to going to sleep.

Living rooms:

Living rooms are the center of gathering for family and friends. You can add color, accent, and romance all at the same time to your living room by adding natural wax candles. Group several pillar candles together using different sizes in diameter and heights to add contrast to your living room.

One idea is to decorate your living room by  placing bird cages in the corner of the room and place a few candles in each of them. Another idea is to place the group of candles on a large plate ensuring that each of them have at least one inch between candles if you are going to light them. Try to find colors that complement the color of your walls or throw pillows on your couch.


Although a candle light dinner is simply romantic, however decorating your dining table with taper candles creates a graceful aurora.

1). Use unscented taper candles in order to avoid distracting from the fragrance of your dinner.

2). Make a focal point of the table by placing your taper candles in the center, and place decorative things around the base of your taper candle holder.

3). Using candelabra will create a dramatic effect.


Decorating fireplace mantels with candles is fun. Add a dramatic visual effect by grouping both taper and pillar candles of various heights and diameters together. In addition, you can change the colors to match the season.

Decorating with candles is not only simple but also inexpensive accessory to any home décor. While decorating with candles, keep in mind to always place pillar candles on a heat resistant surface to protect your counters and furniture.

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